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Introducing "Feeling Fit"

Our OB/GYN practice is excited to announce a new addition to our practice in 2023. "Feeling Fit" is a physician-led weight management program, run by our very own Dr Kathleen Watt! 


The goal of our program is to help patients make life-long changes to their eating habits and activity levels, which will lead to the highest chance of achieving and maintaining their weight-loss goals. 

The program involves sequential visits with Dr Watt (billed to your insurance) as well as working with a nutritionist that partners with WHCA. 

Program overview:

  • The initial intake is an hour long consultation appointment. At this appointment, Dr Watt will go over your health history, perform a physical exam, and obtain fasting labwork.

  • One to two weeks later, a regroup appointment is scheduled to discuss your results and come up with a detailed plan for ongoing weight management. 

  • In the long-term program, Dr. Watt works with a nutritionist to continue to manage your weight loss goals. You would continue to have follow-up with both Dr. Watt and the nutritionist along the way. 


Each person is unique, and our goal with "Feeling Fit" is to offer an individualized, safe, and effective approach to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Please give our office a call (or submit an intake through our website) to get started with "Feeling Fit!"

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