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Thinking about trying for pregnancy is a very exciting time in your life! Our female OB/GYN providers are happy to discuss a variety of issues that may come up as you think about getting pregnant.

Women's Health Care Associates is pleased to offer preconception counseling to help you plan. We will discuss your family history, any potential risk factors, existing medical conditions, and more.

Some of the areas that we will review during our preconception counseling include:

  • Starting a prenatal vitamin

    • Prenatal vitamins are crucial to provide your body with important nutrients and prevent certain defects for your baby such as neural tube defects.

  • Medications in pregnancy

    • We will review your current medications and discuss any adverse effects in pregnancy. We can help guide you in removing or changing certain medications as well as develop a plan for when you can resume them once you've given birth.

  • Optimizing natural fertility

    • We can look at strategies to help you identify your "fertile window," which increases your chance of achieving pregnancy spontaneously.

  • Screening for inherited disorders, such as Cystic Fibrosis

    • We will discuss the methods available to screen for certain inherited disorders, assess your risk, and perform any necessary or desired screening for you and/or your partner.

  • Any preexisting medical problems that may impact a future pregnancy

    • Some medical problems that may affect a pregnancy include high blood pressure, diabetes, iron deficiency, and more.

We would be honored to come alongside you as you embark on this exciting new journey!

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