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We recommend a preventative exam at our obstetrics & gynecology practice located in Littleton and Lone Tree every year. This is a chance to make sure you are up to date on vaccines, cancer screening, and perform a breast and pelvic exam to identify any abnormalities. Specific topics of discussion during an annual gynecological exam are tailored to the most pressing issues in your age group, but may include the following:

  • Pap smear testing

    • Screening for cervical cancer or pre-cancer done by collecting cells from the cervix

  • Screening for sexually transmitted infections

    • Screening and testing for common sexually transmitted diseases and infections

  • Birth control discussion

    • Going over the various options for birth control to determine what is best for you and your lifestyle

  • Breast cancer screening recommendations

    • Offering current recommendations on mammograms, breast self-exams, and more

  • Colon cancer screening recommendations

    • Discussing when and how to screen for colon cancer based on current guidelines and family history

  • Perimenopausal guidance

    • Talking about what to expect from the years leading up to the last menstrual period and the options for treating perimenopausal symptoms

  • Heart Disease prevention

    • Discussing any increased risk factors and ways to prevent heart disease

  • Osteoporosis prevention  

    • Offering guidance on how to prevent osteoporosis and discuss any need for bone density screening

Whether you are a current patient or looking for a top female OB/GYN in the south Denver area, we are happy to schedule your annual appointment!

Call us at (303) 795-0890 to schedule.

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